• April 28, 2016 • Views: 166

    Families Along the Divide

    Russian photographer Oksana Yushko discusses her work highlighting mixed marriages during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. By Skyler Inman...

  • April 20, 2016 • Views: 127

    Between an Island and a Hard Place

    Could 21st century Asia head down the route of Europe in the 20th century? ...

  • April 18, 2016 • Views: 246

    Keeping up with the Kims

    Despite ridiculing North Korea’s politics, China takes more cues from the country’s authoritarian regime than one might expect....

  • April 8, 2016 • Views: 480

    Ni Corrupto, Ni Ladrón

    Corruption, Genocide, and Guatemala’s Twenty-Year Battle Against Impunity...

  • April 7, 2016 • Views: 356

    Gene Editing

    “Even if an agreement is settled in the future, some believe an ethical consensus will be overridden by economic issues.”...

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  1. The Yale Globalist
    The Yale Globalist: Senekaku or Diaoyu? Read Samantha Glass's article on the conflict over these islands in Issue 3: https://t.co/su9609Nhd8

  2. The Yale Globalist
    The Yale Globalist: So honored to have made it to the finals of the SPJ awards for "Best Student Magazine". More soon! https://t.co/2z9Bc75Zkk

  3. The Yale Globalist
    The Yale Globalist: Thank you @ZoeRubin! We could not have reached this milestone without EICs like you, @skyler_inman & Anna! https://t.co/etHS5193RQ

  4. The Yale Globalist
    The Yale Globalist: Yifu Dong takes a unique take on China-North Korea relations in Issue III of the Globalist. https://t.co/iBRUPTolFb

  5. The Yale Globalist
    The Yale Globalist: Jonathan Ng discusses Bahrain, the Arab spring and the viability of Gulf state monarchies. https://t.co/X5E30xNc9b…/…/crisis-and-compromise/

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