Executive Board 2018-2019


Aastha KC – Editor-in-Chief

Aastha (she/her/hers) is a junior in Pauli Murray College from Atlanta, GA majoring in Anthropology with interests in health, migration and human rights. She has contributed to the magazine in various ways, first by writing a beat blog on women’s rights in South Asia, then covering cultural influences on mental health on the Ghana reporting trip and finally leading the Globalist’s reporting trip to Morocco. She loves learning about international affairs, culture, religion, and politics and finds the Globalist to be an excellent medium to foster that curiosity. She loves checking out coffee places in New Haven and is happy to get coffee and chat about The Globalist. During her free time, she loves biking and hanging out with her friends as well as listening to her “New Haven” playlist. Contact her at aastha.kc@yale.edu

Claire Zalla – Editor-in-Chief

Claire (she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College from Pittsburgh, PA majoring in English and Global Affairs. She has contributed toThe Yale Globalist first as a writer focusing on freedom of the press and international cybersecurity and then as an online editor. She loves creative writing and is interested in fiction as a medium for fostering cross-cultural understanding and compassion. Outside of her writing, she is active in Pauli Murray as MYCC Treasurer and a Buttery Manager, and she is a member of the Urban Philanthropic Fund. She enjoys running in sub-freezing temperatures, cooking with fresh herbs, and binge-ing historically inaccurate costume dramas.




Jane Buckley – Chief Online Editor

Jane (she/her/hers), a proud Bay Area native, is a junior in JE. She’s majoring in political science, which definitely should count as fulfilling Yale’s science requirement. She has been writing for the Globalist for two years and is excited about the magazine and international affairs in general as a means of connecting with people and events around the world. Outside of writing for the Globalist, on campus, she spends most of her time playing for the women’s varsity soccer team or working in her role as a Communication and Consent Educator. Otherwise, she can probably be found snacking, doing a crossword, or wishing she could be back in California hiking with her dog.

Daud Shad – Business Director

Daud is a sophomore in Berkeley College from New Jersey. His academic interests include human rights, sustainable development, and law. Last year, Daud wrote for the Globalist and served on its business team, and this past summer he went on the reporting trip to Morocco. On campus, Daud is also involved with Dwight Hall and the Yale Rotaract Club. His favorite band is the Beatles, his favorite singer is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and his favorite album is Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run.

Vy Tran – Creative Director

Vy has lived in Miami, FL and Long Island, NY and now calls Houston, TX home. Still deciding between majoring in English or Ethnicity, Race & Migration, Vy is a big fan of journalism, photography, and advocating for the first-gen, low-income community at Yale. She writes for the Herald, serves as an Advising Fellow for Matriculate, volunteers with No Closed Doors, works as both the Social Media Coordinator for Tsai CITY and a Branford college aide, and most importantly, co-hosts a radio show called the Sister Sloths with her sister (that everyone should listen to). Vy is thrilled to engage all audiences to write and learn about global affairs.

Ramiz Colak – Managing Editor

Ramiz Colak is a junior from Istanbul, Turkey. He is majoring in Economics and Cognitive Science. He joined the Yale Globalist family in his freshman fall as a print writer and covered several pieces on Middle East politics. This year, he is working as a Managing Editor for the magazine, and is even more excited to write more print articles! Besides editing for the Yale Globalist, Ramiz is volunteering as a consultant at Elmseed, learning squash as a member of Yale Squash Club, and organizing cultural events for Yale Friends of Turkey

Michelle Kim – Managing Editor


Isa del Toro Mijares – Managing Editor

Isa del Toro is from Monterrey, Mexico. She is a junior in Pauli Murray College majoring in Environmental Studies and History. She is particularly interested in conservation biology, and environmental history. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and spending time with her dogs.




Allison Chen – Associate Editor

Allison Chen (she/her/hers), a proud Arizonan, is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight. You may have seen her frequenting the theater, YDN, The Politic or The Herald. She plans on studying Economics or Global Affairs while also frequently indulging in the literary, theatrical, and even political arts. She is an ENTJ.

Claire Kalikman – Associate Editor

Claire Kalikman is a sophomore in Morse College proudly from (the actual city, not the suburbs) of San Francisco. She is serving as Associate Editor, and previously was Trip Leader for the 2018 reporting trip to Morocco. She enjoys learning and writing about art history, fashion, and politics. She plans to major in Russian & East European Studies and Global Affairs. She loves to travel, but Yale is her favorite place right now.

Henry Reichard – Associate Editor 

Henry Reichard is a senior in Silliman College. He’s a Math and Physics major, which means that he’s spent most of his time at Yale scribbling symbols on blackboards and thinking about things such as “Generators of Jacobians of Random Graphs” or “Subgraph Chromatic Numbers” (how’s that for technical jargon). More recently, though, he’s developed a strong interest in creative writing, particularly journalism and poetry. At The Yale Globalist, he’s written articles about Argentina under Mauricio Macri (it’s current president), the similarities between Trump and Latin American populist leaders, and the indigenous Berber population of Morocco. He’s also written for The New Journal and The Yale Daily News about subjects ranging from evangelism in New Haven to an old sheep skull he brought with him from his home in Woodsboro, Maryland. Other interests include long-distance running, fantasy and science fiction, modern art, and talking with people who think that Clarice Lispector is radically under-appreciated. Contact him at henry.reichard@yale.edu.

Gabriel Roy – Associate Editor 

Gabriel is a sophomore History major in TD. When he’s not miserably grinding out essays in Bass Library, Gabe edits for The Politic and The Globalist, teaches international relations to high school students, interns for a local nonprofit, and does communications work for Engender, a student social justice group. In his spare time, Gabe can be found passionately arguing for the coeducation of Yale’s fraternities, torturing his body on long runs up and down East Rock, and attempting in earnest to make sense of that Duchamp piece (literally just a shovel hanging from the ceiling) at the YUAG.

Manuel Schneider – Associate Editor

Manuel was born in Brasov, Romania, but raised close to the French border in Germany. In his first year at Yale, he founded QuietBreeze, a startup tackling noise-pollution by creating window attachments that let fresh air through but cancel outside noise. Manuel and the QuietBreeze team have been working on their product as part of the CEID Fellowship and the Tsai CITY accelerator. As part of the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Club, Manuel has consulted the Bradley Street Bicycle Co-Op, a non-profit Bike Cooperative dedicated to creating a more equitable New Haven by increasing the mobility of all residents. This past spring break, Manuel had the opportunity to travel to Israel and the Palestinian Territories as part of the Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative to talk to leaders on both sides of the conflict, such as a former head of the Shin Bet, members of the PLO and Knesset, and the current and former US ambassador to Israel. As a writer for the Globalist, Manuel has explored issues such as the European refugee crisis and its impact on the German election. Manuel is fascinated by foreign languages and cultures and speaks Romanian, French, and German. He will be spending the coming year in China and Taiwan to improve his Chinese skills.


Lynn Nguyen – Online Editor

Lynn is a sophomore in Berkeley College from Fresno, California. She is interested in studying French, English, and/or economics. Lynn has contributed several pieces about art and culture to the Globalist, and she is excited to write more articles this coming year. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys playing violin, hiking, and exploring art museums.

Nicola Haubold – Online Editor

Nicola is a rising senior in Silliman College majoring in English with an interest in creative writing and investigative journalism. She wrote her first article for the Globalist as a freshman on Colombian migration to the US. Since then, she has maintained an interest in global affairs and human rights, specifically in Latin America. On campus, you can find Nicola at Ashley’s enjoying a coffee-oreo ice cream or in the CTL researching ways to avoid graduation. She is excited to be an online editor this year!

Clare Morneau– Online Editor

Clare is a sophomore in Morse from Toronto, Canada. She is majoring in Global Affairs, and is focused on migration and development issues. Besides editing and writing for the Yale Globalist, Clare can be found playing squash on the Yale Club Squash team, expressing her love for Canada in the Canadian Students Association, or somewhere enjoying her fifth coffee of the day.


Nicole Zhen – Online Editor 
Nicole is a first year in Silliman College from Portland, Oregon with interests in politics, human rights, and law. She is beyond excited to serve as an online editor for the Yale Globalist, which fuses her passions for international affairs and writing. In her free time, she can be found writing creative nonfiction, playing the violin, or exploring the outdoors.

Annie Fang – Production and Design

Annie is a first year in Jonathan Edwards College. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan, but has been living in Shanghai, China, since kindergarten. Most likely going major in the social sciences, Annie is interested in studying people – how different social and cultural groups interact, the conflicts that can arise, as well as solutions that can resolve such issues. On campus, she hopes to be involved in Dwight Hall, dance, drama, and writing. She spends most of her time exploring museums, biking, reading, drinking tea, and making new friends.

Cathy Duong – Production and Design

Cathy is a first year in Morse College from Garden Grove, CA, or a five-minute drive away from Disneyland. She’s excited to study English at Yale, while also being on the pre-med track. Besides bingeing Korean dramas and obsessively customizing her planner (with her many, many pens), Cathy loves visiting art museums (find her at the Yale University Art Gallery or taking the Metro North up to the Met any day!). She hopes to get involved with AACC, the Vietnamese Students Association, the Herald, and the YUAG Guide Program. Cathy is looking forward to designing for the Globalist as she explores what global affairs mean to the individuals of Yale’s diverse student body.