Getting Involved

Whether writing for the print edition, blogging, or contributing to the business and creative teams, there are always a variety of opportunities for Yale College students to get involved with the Globalist at any point in the year.

To be kept abreast of all the latest Globalist opportunities — such as the quarterly call for pitches for our print issue — and weekly happenings, email Olivia Burton (, one of the Globalist‘s two Editors-in-Chief, to be added to our general mailing list.

Certain blogs, such as the World at Yale (WaY) and Encounters, are always accepting submissions from old and new writers alike. Writers interested in the WaY may subscribe to the WaY mailing list to be updated about regular opportunities to cover international issues in a local context. For more information about the WaY, or to be added to the WaY mailing list, contact Geny Decker (

Encounters is an exciting new initiative of the Globalist‘s online presence that focuses on writers’ experiences with anything foreign or international in nature. These pieces can range from personal narratives based on moments or observations from time spent living abroad, to reflections about cultural differences between Yale and your home community (whether in the U.S. or overseas), to opinion-style pieces about global issues that hold personal significance for you. To pitch a piece anytime or just learn more about Encounters, email Rhea Kumar (

Another opportunity to get involved is the Vicarious Globetrotter blog. Writers for the Vicarious Globetrotter have conversations with international students at Yale to explore their countries, cultures, and perspectives on all things international. This is a great way to meet interesting people at Yale, and hear fascinating stories from across the world, firsthand. If you are interested in blogging for the Vicarious Globetrotter, or if you’re an international student with an anecdote or opinion that you’d like featured on our blog, contact Jonathan Ng ( for more information.

If you’re interested in graphic design and photography, or just curious about how the Globalist designs each issue, email Creative Director Amrutha Dorai ( to learn more about the creative process and to be added to the creative team’s mailing list.

Likewise, if you’d like to support the Globalist‘s essential operations (e.g. publishing, advertising, publicity, and events planning), you can reach out to Sami Glass ( and Aaron Tannenbaum ( at any time about opportunities to get involved in the business team.

Additionally, always feel free to reach out to our EICs Olivia Burton and Micaela Bullard about the various opportunities to get involved, special collaborations, or new initiatives.

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