Executive Board 2016-17


Olivia Burton

Olivia is a junior English major in Morse College from the Magic City, better known as Birmingham, AL. After traveling to Bosnia and Serbia in 2015 with the Globalist, she spent six weeks writing for her hometown’s local paper, Village Living. Later, she taught arts and crafts at a kids’ camp in the Dominican Republic. Last summer, she co-led the Globalist‘s reporting trip to Peru. With the Globalist, she’s written about coffee culture in Iceland, oranges and history in Sevilla, hiking trails in the Balkans a Zumba class in the Dominican Republic, and Chinese-Peruvian food. Outside of the Globalist, Olivia is a Yale Outdoors trip leader, Membership Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma, a reviews writer for the Herald and a tutor at New Haven Reads. She also loves Southern food, live music, art museum gift shops and used books. Contact her at olivia.burton@yale.edu.

glo picMicaela Bullard

Micaela is a junior in Calhoun, planning to double major in Economics and Latin American Studies. Like alpacas, potatoes, and Paddington Bear, she hails from “Darkest, Faraway Peru”, where working for an NGO in the slums of Lima kindled her passion for community development issues. Micaela got involved with the Globalist her freshman year, when she wrote articles for the print and online version. What she loves most about the Globalist is the opportunity to meet outstanding and eclectic individuals—like last summer, when she interviewed youth government officials in Serbia and grave looters in the Central Andes. When she isn’t writing for the Globalist, Micaela likes to staff MUN conferences for Yale’s International Relations Association, attempt to take (largely unsuccessful) naps, and traverse the streets of Lima in search of the cheapest ceviche that wont give her food poisoning (the record holder currently stands at about $1). You can contact her at micaela.bullard@yale.edu.


Charlotte Lawrence — Managing Editor

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CarolineKuritzkes_BoardBioCaroline Kuritzkes – Managing Editor

Caroline is a History major and sophomore in Ezra Stiles college. Hailing from New York, she is interested in Latin American history and politics, the Drug War, and U.S.-Latin American relations. She hopes to be connected to these issues either as a journalist or activist after she graduates, but for now, she’s grateful for the opportunity to speak to and learn from human rights advocates and to write for the Globalist about coca production in Bolivia, U.S. counterinsurgency efforts in El Salvador during the Cold War, and the Mexican government’s complicity in mass disappearances. Beyond the Globalist, Caroline has spent time filing FOIA requests with the National Security Archive, a pro-transparency organization that declassifies government documents. She can be found on campus debating with the Party of the Left, volunteering with the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project, and cheering on her (mostly vegan) friends at Fossil Free Yale protests. If you’re in the mood for a rant about American exceptionalism, she can be reached at caroline.kuritzkes@yale.edu.

Alex Posner – Managing Editor

Alex is a Junior in Morse College majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. He spent this past summer studying film and global health in Swaziland and South Africa and volunteering at Camp Kesem, a recreational camp for children whose parents are affected by cancer. He loves current events and international affairs, passions he explored during a gap year before the start of college. In previous years, Alex served as an Associate Editor and Beat Blogger for the Globalist, covering climate change policy, Wahhabism, and international education policy. Outside of the Globalist, Alex serves as President of the Yale Energy Club and coaches debate at Metro High School in New Haven. He is also the President of the Yale Magic Society and Vice-President of the non-profit organization Magicians Without Borders. You can reach him at alexander.posner@yale.edu.


Alec Hernandez – Associate Editor

Alec is a junior Political Science major in Timothy Dwight College. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, he and his family have lived in several parts of the world, including Chile and South Carolina, but he now calls London home. Alec joined the Globalist his freshman year, writing a blog on refugee current events in the wake of the Syrian Crisis. Since then, he has written for both the online and print editions of the magazine, and currently works as an Associate Editor for the print edition. When not writing or editing for the Globalist, Alec is either giving tours at the Yale University Art Gallery or laying in the hammock in the TD courtyard. He can be reached at alec.hernandez@yale.edu.


Christina Bartzokis – Associate Editor

Christina is a junior Global Affairs major in Jonathan Edwards College from Los Angeles, CA. Before becoming an Associate Editor at the Globalist, she wrote a beat blog about US military policy and Greek politics and culture and contributed to the production and design team. She’s interested in military policy, especially counterinsurgency and irregular warfare, and plans to commission into the US Marine Corps through Yale’s NROTC unit. Outside of the Globalist, she’s a Company Commander in NROTC, Events Coordinator for the Yale Society of Military History, and a member of the Yale Rifle Team, Climbing Team, and Muay Thai Kickboxing Team. She also enjoys drinking tea, napping, and watching period dramas. Contact her at christina.bartzokis@yale.edu.


Nicola Haubold – Associate Editor

Nicola is a sophomore in Silliman College and a prospective English major. She was born in Bogota, Colombia but has lived in Miami, Florida for the past 17 years. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she has begun learning German at Yale so that she can communicate better with her paternal grandparents. In the past year, Nicola has written op-eds for the Yale Herald, restaurant reviews for Spoon University, and investigative articles for the Globalist. She spent her summer working for a local newspaper in Miami and discovered how fun photography can be. She loves to hike, roller-blade, or run outdoors and her dream is to visit all the Wonders of the World. You can spot her anywhere on campus wearing neon leggings or carrying an iced coffee, but you can also reach her at nicola.haubold@yale.edu.

Nicolas Jimenez – Associate Editor

Nicolas, currently a sophomore in Calhoun College, was raised in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to the U.S. in the summer of 2010, though he goes back quite often to visit family and friends. He spent this past summer interning at an international relations think tank in Washington, DC, before traveling around Eastern Europe with his family. Nicolas loves global affairs, especially in Latin America and the Middle East. For The Globalist, he has written articles on the need to restructure the governance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and on the end of Myanmar’s military regime. Aside from working with The Globalist, Nicolas will be doing research with a Yale professor on the Colombian post-conflict, chairing a special committee on Cuba for Yale Model United Nations (YMUN), competing with the Yale Alpine Ski Club in the winter, and, hopefully, finding some time to hike and read. You can reach him at nicolas.jimenez@yale.edu.

Henry Robinson – Associate Editor

Henry Robinson is a sophomore in Silliman College, hailing from Guilford, CT. When he’s not editing articles for the Globalist, he’s probably either haunting one of Sterling’s small reading rooms, attending Yale Political Union debates, or exclaiming over random cat pictures he finds on the internet. His interests include the intersections of art/literature and international relations, as well as nationalism and the politics of immigration in Europe. As an English major, he loves all things reading, writing, and editing, and he’s extremely excited to work with all the amazing people at the Globalist this year! You can contact him at henry.robinson@yale.edu.



RheaKumar_BoardBioChief Online Editor — Rhea Kumar

Rhea is a junior in Branford College and a prospective Economics/EP&E Major. She grew up in the heart of New Delhi, India, where she spent her summer interning with an environmental non-profit, gorging over chaat and kebabs and taking long walks inside the beautiful Lodhi Garden, where history meets nature. Rhea was involved in writing throughout high school and published a novel along with several non-fiction articles for an online news website. She loves the Globalist because it allows her to combine her love for creative writing with international affairs, all while meeting cool and interesting people. She is interested in South Asian development and politics (and music!), FDI and development aid, and public policy. Outside of the Globalist, Rhea is an Associate Editor with the Yale Economic Review and occasionally writes for teh Weekend section of the YDN, has researched China’s transition to the services sector at the Roosevelt Institute, and works as a head-of-college aide at her residential college. She enjoys singing (mostly in the shower), practicing her Spanish with her suite mates and is obsessed with House of Cards. Contact her at rhea.kumar@yale.edu.


William Ellison — Online Editor

William Ellison is a junior in Davenport College studying European History, focusing on European diplomacy and power politics between the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) and the end of the Cold War (1991). Born in Harrison, New York, just outside of New York City, William now lives nearby in Purchase, New York. He went to Horace Mann High School in New York City. William is now entering his second year as an Online Editor for the Globalist, after contributing his freshman year to the magazine by writing an online beat-blog about European foreign policy. In addition to working for the Globalist, William is also Co-President of Yale Friends of Israel, Co-Center Head of the Security and Foreign Policy Center at Yale’s Roosevelt Institute, and a member of Chi Psi. You can contact him at william.ellison@yale.edu


Geny Decker — Online Editor

Geny is a senior political science major in Ezra Stiles college. A San Diego native, Geny joined the Globalist last year as a writer for the Vicarious Globetrotter segment, interviewing her fellow soccer teammates and other Yale international athletes. This year, Geny will serve as an online editor and hopes to learn a lot along the way, both as an editor and in absorbing her writers’ material. Outside of the Globalist, Geny plays on the varsity soccer team, serves on the board of the Yale Photography Society, and writes for the Yale Politic. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, sports, traveling, and photography. You can contact her at geneva.decker@yale.edu.

Jonathan Ng — Online Editor

Jonathan is a junior prospective Political Science and English double major in Morse College.  Hailing from Dallas, Texas, he was a bit late to the Globalist game and started writing for the magazine in his sophomore year as a beat blogger.  He wrote on a number of issues, such as human rights violations in Bahrain and cultural extinction in Tibet. Interested in capturing people’s narratives, Jonathan hopes to become more involved in the Globalist this year as both a writer and editor.  Apart from working on the best international affairs magazine on campus, Jonathan is also President of Morse College Council, Creative Director for the Yale Journal for Medicine and Law, and a Research Assistant at the Political Violence Field Lab MacMillan Center. You can email him at jonathan.ng@yale.edu.








ClaraMokri_BoardBioClara Mokri — Design Editor

Clara is a junior in Timothy Dwight College. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she joined the Globalist her freshman year as a member of the production and design team. Over the past two the summer, she has traveled to Bosnia and Peru with the magazine as a member of the 2015 and 2016 Summer Reporting Trips, where she reported on turbofolk and Peruvian surf culture. For the past two years, she has been one of the Globalist’s production and design editors. Outside of the Globalist, she is on the women’s varsity basketball team and is the president of the Yale Photographic Society. She is an aspiring photojournalist and her hobbies include surfing and photography. Last year, she won recognition in the Globalist’s annual Photo Show. You can reach her at clara.mokri@yale.edu.


Cheryl Mai – Creative Director


Cheryl is a sophomore in Davenport College studying Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. She was born in Singapore but has lived in Houston, Texas for most of her life. While she is STEM-y, Cheryl is also interested in social policy and enjoys helping make the Globalist the beautiful magazine that it is. As well as serving as a Production & Design Editor for the Globalist, she is a Copy Editor and Ad Manager for the Yale Scientific Magazine, a Harvest leader and a writer for City Atlas: New Haven. She is interested in science journalism, immunology, and sustainability. Cheryl can be found riding her bike, drawing or collecting more plant friends. She can be reached at cheryl.mai@yale.edu.

Amy Zheng– Production Editor 

Amy Zheng is from a far off land called Connecticut. She is currently contemplating becoming an MCDB major but is mostly undecided. Undecided is a word that describes her well. She enjoys living on the fringes of the freegan lifestyle and is something of a kleptomaniac, especially of nice pens. Disclaimer: if your writing utensil disappears, it wasn’t me. At Yale she is part of the Production and Design team for the YDN and the Globalist, and writes for the Yale Scientific Mag. She is also in Splash, a group that organizes classes for middle and high school students, and Phoenix, a Chinese dance group. If you see her around, do introduce yourself, especially if you’re an adorable freshman. She loves adorable freshman babies, and is generally friendly, though she might avoid you if she has had an awkward/embarrassing encounter with you in the past. You can contact her at amy.zheng@yale.edu.



Aaron Tannenbaum – Business Director

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