The Globalist splits!

May 17, 2012 • Reporting Trips • Views: 599

Dear readers,

You’ve been wonderful followers so far! According to our blog stats, we have readers following us from all corners of the world — Costa Rica, Nepal, Albania, Israel, Hong Kong, and more. We hope you keep up with us for another week, as we set out to our secondary trip locations.

One group is headed to Valparaiso today, which our own Chilean fearless leader Diego Salvatierra ’13 described as, “like San Francisco but a little more bohemian and everyone speaks Spanish.” Naturally, team Valpo is excited to wander through the city, visiting Pablo Neruda’s former homes in the city and in Isla Negra, and to check out plenty more wine and famous Chilean seafood.

The other group has just arrived in the north, where they will spend their time hopping across the Atacama desert, from Antofagasta to San Pedro and then to Calama. The north has a landscape unlike anywhere else in the world, and is the home to the mining industry and many indigenous groups — an interesting combination, to say the least.

As always, a few Globalistas will continue their travel after these two weeks, and our team will truly cover the entire spine of Chile, continuing our research and maybe relaxing a bit. When the group departs on the 24th for the US, those of us staying behind will be adventuring everywhere from Southern Patagonia to islands along the west coast to the Pisco Valley north of Santiago to adventuring over the Andes mountains and into Argentina. The spirit of Glo travel can’t be contained in just two weeks!

Keep following us, dear readers, and please send us your thoughts, dreams, recommendations or vague musings on what we’re up to down here.



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