Our Bloggers for the Globalist Notebook

Will Ellison ’18 is in Davenport College. Will writes on European foreign policy and international influence.

Selena Anjur-Dietrich ’17 is in Ezra Stiles College. Selena writes about international design issues and conflicts.

Christina Bartzokis ’18 is in Jonathan Edwards College. As a 4/C midshipman in Yale NROTC (Marine Corps Option), her blog focuses on the international impact of contemporary US military strategy.

Sarah Gomez ’18 is in Pierson College. Sarah’s blog is on how the emergence of modern technology has affected traditional practices around the world, with a focus on culture, people and the environment.

Emmanuel Cantor ’18 is in Ezra Stiles College. Emmanuel writes about Israeli political and cultural current events. He spent the past year studying in a religious seminary in the north of Israel and misses the local hummus.

Amelia Nierenberg ’18 is in Timothy Dwight College. Interested in the confluence of art and international politics, her blog focuses on international public art projects focused on art accessibility.